Boulder Montessori School’s lovely, spacious indoor and outdoor toddler spaces serve children ages 18 months to three years old. Guided by caring, expert teachers and highly trained assistants, our toddler morning or all-day schedules are focused on a small, intimate group of 12-13 children.

Our safe and nurturing home-like environment is meticulously designed to be attentive to the social, cognitive, and physical needs of this age group. In this peaceful and absorbing setting, distinctive Montessori learning materials are beautifully crafted and invite hands-on learning. Toddlers are presented with opportunities to safely discover the world around them, and to explore and challenge their capabilities while expressing their own unique personalities.

Teachers cultivate toddlers’ development in four distinct areas: independence, order, movement and language.

INDEPENDENCE: We help toddlers learn to choose “work” or activities by themselves, access their own cubby, and develop self-care skills, such as cleaning their hands and faces. To learn how to relate to others and to advance their social skills, we encourage toddlers to join in group activities, participate at line time, and to share and be kind when interacting with other children and adults in the classroom.

ORDER: An established classroom routine helps toddlers develop a sense of order and predictability, which engenders trust. In addition, each “work” or activity has a unique place on a specific shelf and the children are encouraged to return the “work” to its own special place. Toddlers are encouraged to respect the classroom environment and help take care of the room.

MOVEMENT: The toddler day is filled with activities that develop fine and gross motor movement. Fine motor skills include scooping, pouring, stacking, painting, and numerous other similar activities. Gross motor skills are practiced continually through running, jumping, pulling, sliding, swinging, and climbing. Toddlers are always on the move and we ensure their safety and provide them with age-appropriate opportunities to physically progress.

LANGUAGE: We emphasize songs and books to develop language skills. There are also many other activities that are equally important: having conversations, naming things (especially in books or pictures), and participating in group play.

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We cultivate children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development while invigorating their curiosity and passion for learning. We adhere to a true Montessori curriculum and our carefully prepared, multi-age classrooms are bright and busy places of creativity and understanding. Here, children are actively exploring, gaining independence, and delighting in discovery. These profound lessons empower our learners for a lifetime.