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Over time, we’ve designed and adapted programs to meet the high standards of today’s world of education. By providing a supportive environment, we make sure each child receives exactly what they need.

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Boulder Montessori School’s three bright and roomy preschool classrooms and large outdoor playground serve preschoolers ages 2 ½ to six years old. Designed in the Montessori tradition, classrooms are intentionally organized to inspire self-directed learning. Colorful and appealing educational materials are displayed on shelves accessible to all children, child-sized furniture is tailored to their needs, and there are individual and group work spaces at tables or rugs on the floor.
Within this mixed age group, children learn and advance at their own pace in a respectful, non-competitive atmosphere. The younger children learn by the example of the older children. The older children gain confidence and reinforce their knowledge by helping the younger ones.
Children are free to move around, choose the material or activity they will use, and determine whether they will work alone or with a friend. Teachers interact with one child at a time or in a small group, demonstrating the use of the materials and recording each child’s progress. As children learn and grow, they progress individually at their own pace from practical life exercises to sensory materials to academic materials.
Practical life activities build gross and fine motor skills and coordination as well as develop concentration. There are many tasks, such as care of self (e.g., dressing, tying shoes, etc.), caring for the environment, and exercises to develop hand-eye coordination, presented to enable the child to build competence and independence through practice and repetition.
Sensorial materials connect the child to the physical attributes of the world around them through concrete materials that isolate one quality or aspect for hands-on exploration. Concepts presented in this area include color, weight, shape, and size, and the ability to see similarities and differences in increasingly minute variations. These concepts experienced by the senses become the mental foundations of categorization and logical thinking.
Academic materials give the children many opportunities to expand their knowledge in the areas of language, mathematics, science, and geography. Children often develop readiness for reading and writing or numeracy because they have experienced concrete activities presented in small, logical steps that build upon each other in these areas. Science and geography materials in the classroom follow the children's curiosity about their world and are supported by experiences outdoors and physical activity.




Boulder Montessori School’s lovely, spacious indoor and outdoor toddler spaces serve children ages 18 months to three years old. Guided by caring, expert teachers and highly trained assistants, our toddler morning or all-day schedules are focused on a small, intimate group of 12-13 children.

Our safe and nurturing home-like environment is meticulously designed to be attentive to the social, cognitive, and physical needs of this age group. In this peaceful and absorbing setting, distinctive Montessori learning materials are beautifully crafted and invite hands-on learning. Toddlers are presented with opportunities to safely discover the world around them, and to explore and challenge their capabilities while expressing their own unique personalities.

Teachers cultivate toddlers’ development in four distinct areas: independence, order, movement and language.

INDEPENDENCE: We help toddlers learn to choose “work” or activities by themselves, access their own cubby, and develop self-care skills, such as cleaning their hands and faces. To learn how to relate to others and to advance their social skills, we encourage toddlers to join in group activities, participate at line time, and to share and be kind when interacting with other children and adults in the classroom.

ORDER: An established classroom routine helps toddlers develop a sense of order and predictability, which engenders trust. In addition, each “work” or activity has a unique place on a specific shelf and the children are encouraged to return the “work” to its own special place. Toddlers are encouraged to respect the classroom environment and help take care of the room.

MOVEMENT: The toddler day is filled with activities that develop fine and gross motor movement. Fine motor skills include scooping, pouring, stacking, painting, and numerous other similar activities. Gross motor skills are practiced continually through running, jumping, pulling, sliding, swinging, and climbing. Toddlers are always on the move and we ensure their safety and provide them with age-appropriate opportunities to physically progress.

LANGUAGE: We emphasize songs and books to develop language skills. There are also many other activities that are equally important: having conversations, naming things (especially in books or pictures), and participating in group play.




Boulder Montessori School’s outstanding Extended Day Program is tailored to children aged five (who turn five by December 1) and six years old and who have had previous Montessori experience. This special year of Montessori preschool offers children opportunities for leadership and it also expands their academic knowledge and competency. Head teachers, each with their own special area of focus, rotate through the class, providing individualized guidance to this small group of children. The curriculum for this class centers on geography, science, advanced math, language activities, and cultural topics.
The closeness and friendships built within this small group of children are invaluable. These learners work together to complete special projects including making their own small quilts over the course of the year, performing in a rhythm band at the Rainforest Dinner, taking a night walk with teachers, and participating in Adventure Day at Chautaqua Park.
The Extended Day Program is held from 1:00-2:30 pm, which follows the morning hours spent with the mixed-age group. Children on the all-day schedule return to the mixed-age group at 2:30 pm.




Boulder Montessori School offers one of the few academic programs available on an all-day or partial day schedule for the entire summer. Summer sessions adhere to the same high standards as those during the academic year. During the summer, we take advantage of the sunny days by extending our classrooms outdoors onto our patios and playground. Summer learners participate in a variety of activities around our gardens, learning about nutrition and where foods come from as they care for plants from seed to harvest. They can choose to go outside to complete special “works” and projects. It’s a wonderful time for children to meet new friends and enjoy the natural world.

Schedule for Summer 2022

Session I: June 6 - June 24
Session II: June 27 - July 15
Session III: July 18 - August 5
Session IV: August 8 - 12 (one week)

The dates of June 3rd and 4th are also available. Parents can pay for these dates separately.

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