Extended Day

Boulder Montessori School’s outstanding Extended Day Program is tailored to children aged five (who turn five by December 1) and six years old and who have had previous Montessori experience. This special year of Montessori preschool offers children opportunities for leadership and it also expands their academic knowledge and competency. Head teachers, each with their own special area of focus, rotate through the class, providing individualized guidance to this small group of children. The curriculum for this class centers on geography, science, advanced math, language activities, and cultural topics.

The closeness and friendships built within this small group of children are invaluable. These learners work together to complete special projects including making their own small quilts over the course of the year, performing in a rhythm band at the Rainforest Dinner, taking a night walk with teachers, and participating in Adventure Day at Chautaqua Park.

The Extended Day Program is held from 1:00-2:30 pm, which follows the morning hours spent with the mixed-age group. Children on the all-day schedule return to the mixed-age group at 2:30 pm.

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We cultivate children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development while invigorating their curiosity and passion for learning. We adhere to a true Montessori curriculum and our carefully prepared, multi-age classrooms are bright and busy places of creativity and understanding. Here, children are actively exploring, gaining independence, and delighting in discovery. These profound lessons empower our learners for a lifetime.