Serving Boulder's families for over 40 years

Today, Boulder Montessori School is the second-longest continuously operated Montessori school in Boulder and is home to nearly 100 children.

OUR HISTORY and the montessori method
"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."
Maria Montessori

We are proud to be accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Explore Our PROGRAMS

Boulder Montessori School (BMS) was founded by parents in 1973 in a one-room church classroom. As the school’s reputation and enrollment grew, four parents generously financed a loan to Boulder Montessori School in 1977 to acquire land and build a new school at its current location. This enabled Boulder Montessori School to offer a full-day preschool program and accommodate rising enrollment.

In 1982, when parents expressed an interest in opening a toddler program at the school, a new wing of the school was added along with trained toddler teachers and assistants. This became the first Montessori toddler program in Boulder, and it drew observers from around the region and nationally to learn more about the school’s pioneering model for full-day toddler and preschool programming.

In 2001, BMS continued to respond to the needs of parents by adding new scheduling options including late afternoon to early evening programming. Over the next two years as the school expanded, the kitchen and playground were remodeled to better serve the growing number of students, and a third preschool classroom with larger adjoining activity room were constructed.

In 2006, Boulder Montessori School earned two highly respected national accreditations representing standards of excellence from the American Montessori Society (AMS) and from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Longtime Montessori mentor and administrator, Karen Olsen, helped forge the school and its success from 1977 until her passing in 2011. Today, Boulder Montessori School is led by Head of School Amy Condon and a Board of Directors of parents and staff. It is the second-longest continuously operated Montessori school in Boulder and is home to nearly 100 children.

The People Behind OUR MISSION
Meet our team
Amy Condon

Amy has been with BMS since July 2000. She and her husband have farm where they grow pumpkins and fall produce.

April Duncan Fong

April joined our staff in April 2009. She enjoys latin dancing and hiking. She is the mother of two teenage children.

Richelle Smith

Richelle Joined our staff in 2006.She is the mother of 2 teenage children. She enjoys cooking and quilting and being with her family

Casey Denton

Casey joined our staff in 2006. She loves photography, the outdoors, traveling, reading and time with her family.

Toddler head teacher
Martha Stumb

Martha joined our staff in 1992. She lived in Sydney Australia for a year in 1987.

Business manager
John George

John joined our staff in April 2001. He likes labradoodles.

Annie Liu

Annie joined our staff in February 2019. She has taught the Chinese language in France, the English language in China, and is now teaching Chinese in Boulder.

Julie Dunn

Julie started with us in September of 2021, she is a trained Montessori educator with over 25 years experience. Julie is also a practicing Equine Massage Therapist!

Audrey Lietar

Audrey joined our staff in August 2020. She loves running with her dog Huxley.

Toddler head teacher
Fanja Rakotonirina

Fanja joined our staff in 2000. She lived in the rainforest for 4 years!

Nicci Morrish

Nicci joined our staff in 1999. She has been a Lead Teacher from 2007-2019. She is also a working Artist.

Rosa Nunez

Rosa joined our staff in 2017. She has been swimming in an underwater cave and enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Caitlin Knutson

Caitlin joined our staff in September 2019. She teaches children and trains their dogs through the 4H club.

Ambrosia Shen

Ambrosia joined our staff in 2017. She enjoys Kickboxing in her off time.

Johanna Anglo

Johanna joined our staff in Fall 2016. She has lived in 11 different homes and moved 13 times!

Elena Molina

Elena joined our staff in 2019. She loves to train horses and ride her horse when she has the chance.

Anthony Cuffari

Anthony is conducting his Toddler internship with BMS. He enjoys Skiing and a lot of Snow! Anthony is also an expert finger spinner!

Joan Calcagno

Joan joined our staff in September 1992. She grew up by the ocean on Long Island, NY. The beach is her favorite place to be.

Ken Boettcher

Ken started with BMS this September! He has over 30 years of professional Cooking experience along with owning and running his own catering business!

Nurina Junus

Nurina joined our staff in 2017. She is an avid circus artist/aerialist, baker and hiker.

Rowan Bensko

Rowan joined our staff in 2015. She was born in the UK and spent several years working in television production.

Kitchen Staff
Alisun Smith

Alisun joined our school in January 2013. She loves listening to music.

Kitchen Staff
Mike Buckley

Mike joined us in 2018 as Kitchen Support. He loves a good movie and music!

The two basic principles of the Montessori method: the absorbent mind and the prepared environment

The unconscious and natural way in which young children gain information about their environment through the use of their senses. The absorbent mind is highly active from birth to age six and is marked by “sensitive periods” or phases of intense interest in learning a particular skill or concept.


A developmentally appropriate classroom with materials that isolate and teach one skill or concept at a time. The child works through these materials in a sequence from most simple to complex. Children have a strong inner motivation to learn, if the materials are presented in a natural, logical, and unforced manner. Care is taken to allow independent activity for the children within reasonable limits.

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We cultivate children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development while invigorating their curiosity and passion for learning. We adhere to a true Montessori curriculum and our carefully prepared, multi-age classrooms are bright and busy places of creativity and understanding. Here, children are actively exploring, gaining independence, and delighting in discovery. These profound lessons empower our learners for a lifetime.